For those nurses who want to take their autoimmune disease and cancer treatment research into a whole new level, here is an ultimate chance for you to fund your efforts through DAISY Foundation grants.

In a recent DAISY news release, the foundation is offering two types of funding as part of the J. Patrick Barnes Grant program.

These include research grants of up to $5,000 for studies concerning clinical research that directly benefits patients and/or their families and evidence-based practice grants of up to $2,000 that use patient-focused data to study and develop improved nursing practices, as stated in the said news release.

Qualified applicants must be registered nurses with current licenses.

According to The DAISY Foundation website, the program provides support for nurses who continually evaluate their practice, seek answers to clinical questions in an effort to improve their practice and change their practice based on evidence and evaluation of that change.

The foundation also aims to award grants to nurses who improve care outcomes for patients with autoimmune diseases and cancer as a result of their research findings.

Research considered must impact patients or family members of patients who have autoimmune disease or cancer. Work that does not directly include patients or their families will not be considered, as what indicated on the foundation?s website.

Funding may include money for small equipment, software, printed materials, data entry time, statistician time and buyout of clinical or staff nurses? time to join the study team, the website added.

?Nurses want to make a difference for their patients,? Elizabeth Bridges, PhD, RN, CCNS, FCCM, FAAN, a faculty member and clinical nurse researcher at the University of Washington Medical Center in Seattle told in an interview. She leads The DAISY Foundation?s grant panel of reviewers. ?Sometimes they need some support to bring that change to practice. Maybe a nurse needs time off to do research or needs supplies. These grants give the opportunity to ask and answer questions from nursing practice.?

Nurses have until Sept. 5 to submit a letter of intent for receiving grant funding. Although nurses who have EBP and/or research experience are encouraged to apply, no previous experience is necessary, as highlighted in a web article.


Erudite Nursing Institute? supports DAISY Foundation?s support grant to fund nurse researchers to discover new breakthrough in treatment research specifically autoimmune disease and cancer. As frontliners in healthcare, the institute believes that nurses have the innate ability to create significant change in the whole health sector.







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