Washington Regional Medical Center in Fayetteville recently commenced the first neurosurgical intensive care unit in Northwest Arkansas.

According to a news report, the 20-bed unit serves patients who are recovering from surgery as a result of a spinal cord injury, brain injury, neurological illness like epilepsy and stroke.

This Neurosurgical ICU is located on the first floor of the hospital. The new service is part of Washington Regional?s $74 million Core Renewal Project, which will include expansions to cardiovascular services and the laboratory.

From a recent approval of an additional $30 million to the initial $44 million project, Washington Regional added Neurosurgical ICU as part of the existing footprint of the hospital after the pediatrics and gynecological units moved to the Women and Infants Center.

?With the Neurosurgical ICU, Washington Regional has made a commitment to provide a level of complex care not available elsewhere in the region,? said Mark Bever, executive vice president and administrator at Washington Regional Medical Center. ?From a specially trained care team to the most advanced technology, everything in the unit is designed to accommodate the unique intensive care needs of neurological-neurosurgical patients.?

Patients in the Neurosurgical ICU receive skilled care from a multidisciplinary team consisting of nurses, physicians, respiratory therapists, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech pathologists, pharmacists, and dietitians.

The team of physicians are specialized with training in stroke neurology, neurosurgery, intensivist medicine and interventional neuroradiology. While the team of nurses are trained in techniques for examining the brain and central nervous system.

?Along with specialized skills, it requires a holistic approach involving all areas to provide optimal care for neurosurgical patients,? said Kasha Pinkerton, nursing manager of the Neurosurgical ICU. ?When caring for patients after neurological surgery, it?s important to be aware of intracranial pressure and how the brain controls blood flow. This patient population is very delicate and requires constant monitoring.?

Erudite Nursing Institute? is glad with Washington Regional?s newly opened Neurosurgical ICU. With it, nurse administrators at this kind of healthcare setting cater a huge part of success concerning neurosurgical patients. That includes, high valued management for nursing work activities, ensuring that the nursing team had provide optimal care for the patients, and most of all serve as an inspirational leader that motivates nursing staff to work for the best.






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